Site Inspections


Legal Video Asia has performed numerous site inspections throughout Asia, going back to 1995.  With our background in professional production, we are equally expert in the area of discovery.  LVA can shoot both photography and/or video as a team or individual.  All media is time and date stamped for integrity and is shot with a variety of angles and versions to give you maximum editing choices and highest impact at trial.  Site inspections can be held in conjunction with depositions in the region or independently.

A site inspection is perhaps the most complex of all legal tasks.  Not only do they require travel to some very remote locations and industrial areas, but it is crucial that all field equipment must be portable and battery driven.  There are NO chances to charge up, as the pace is typically high powered and stamina is a normal requirement.

Equipment has to be both professional and durable, and backup is critical.  Our background as seasoned corporate videographers has taught us how to approach and capture a live location event.

Additionally we have production vehicles in both Tokyo (Kanto region of Japan) and Osaka (Kansai region of Japan), hold valid Japanese
driver’s licenses, and have years of local and regional road experience. With Legal Video Asia you will never find yourself stranded in a remote factory without having captured the site for this essential part of discovery.