Video Depositions

Video Depositions

Legal Video Asia staff have participated in thousands of hours of depositions throughout Asia.

Japan has the most complex rules governing the taking of depositions. We know the Consular officers and the regulations that need to be adhered to and we can anticipate problems. As permanent residents we do not require a special deposition visa. This makes it easy to add us to the litigation list if a problem crops up with your listed team, even at the last moment.

Legal Video Asia is committed to providing the highest quality service and support for our clients when they are in Asia, especially those unfamiliar with local expectations and needs. We do not have the constant personnel turnover that has become a matter of course at most agencies – our team has worked together harmoniously for many years. Legal Video Asia has an accumulated corporate memory that enables us to meet any challenge or requirement – something no other firm serving the Asia-Pacific region can match.

Our depositions, interviews, and plant inspection videos are conducted by a Legal Video Specialist following the US Government’s Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. The screen image is stamped in real time for integrity (date & time / hour/minute/second). Where State rules differ from Federal, we can remove the time stamp upon request.

In addition to the required technical knowledge, all of us are familiar with the legal and security protocols for US Embassies, consulates and military bases, and how they apply to fulfilling the given assignment. Knowledge of the laws of the host nation is a major consideration, as some countries do not allow depositions to be conducted on their territory.

Legal Video Asia records digitally (to DVD, digital tape and media files), providing redundancy that exceeds the requirements of both the AGCV and the NCRA.

A full set of Mpeg 2 DVD’s and a backup digital tape master and documentation are included in any recording we undertake.  For trial presentation, a set of synched Mpeg media files with the reporter’s transcript is included in our fee structure.