Court Reporting

Court Reporting

Just as attorneys and law firms have specialties, so do court reporters.  This is why the professional reporters we work with are chosen from the most experienced we can find for a particular deposition.  Their understanding of the nature and specialized vocabulary of the
case, and ability to follow the local English accent, make all the difference when it comes to getting an accurate transcript of a foreign deposition.

Our referred reporters are all Real Time capable and certified by the NCRA. As such they know the rules, and have years of experience in their area of specialty.

When conducting real time depositions, we realize back-ups are not just important; they are critical. Our colleagues know their equipme
nt and can set up as many terminals as needed for both sides.

Our offices have built up relationships over decades throughout the Asia-Pacific region and know how to get things done. We handle the
logistics. That way, the reporters can focus on the job at hand: getting the record with accuracy and proficiency.

With our extensive experience in this business, we can find and assign the right reporter for the job.