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Synching Video with Transcripts

Legal Video Asia is a full service video and post production firm. We provide all of our clients a synched video with the court reporters transcript which gives you the ability to have a witness review the deposition before signing any declarations. These video files are compatible with all courtroom presentation programs.

If your case goes to trial and you embed our video in any presentation we believe you will especially value us as your choice. Even if your case does not go to trial, you will readily see that our forensic expertise is reflected in the quality of video and audio.


Our videographers employ digital, broadcast quality 3-CCD/CMOS cameras to deliver a superior image for post-production and multimedia applications. We record our masters directly from camera to DVD, Digital tape on Sony DVCAM decks and as Digital files for ultimate redundancy.

In addition to the above state-of-the-art technology we deploy:

• Individual microphones for the witness, interpreters, and both attorneys or if requested for multiple attorneys for either party.

• Professional microphone mixers

• Professional Pioneer DVD recorders

• Date/time digital imprint on all recordings (Hours, Minutes & Seconds)

• Neutral backdrop

• Lighting and reflectors where necessary

Editing / Duplication

LVA edits the footage we shoot for site inspections, living wills and real estate evaluations and can include other relevant media – still images, audio files, and pre-existing video to meet your needs. LVA can upload encrypted and password protected files via ftp to the server of choice.

We back up and duplicate media from our digital masters in the format of your choice which can also be delivered by traditional methods.

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