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US Legal Discovery & Logistics in Asia

Our Team:

We are all long term professional videographers and permanent residents of Japan with extensive experience in producing live events, including the critical areas of audio mixing and troubleshooting. We know what trial technicians require to create successful court presentations and meeting their needs is a priority.


Paul Diserio (American Guild of Court Videographers: CDVS, CVDS, CCVS (Certified Court Video Specialist) is the founder and Operations Manager. A long term Asian resident, he lived in Australia and Hong Kong prior to taking up residence in Japan in 1987.

Paul worked as a Producer and videographer for Bloomberg TV in Tokyo for 7 years specializing in live events including multinational summits and symposiums while he was building LVA. He has produced corporate video and media projects for major corporations (Starbucks, Levis, Hilton) in his more than 30 year career. He is an active photographer, and our expert on factory and work site related inspections.

Paul has recorded discovery throughout Asia since 1995 and has worked on hundreds of depositions for the top US IP law firms. He has literally
thousands of hours of on-the-record video experience and is responsible for the ongoing training and education of our team.

Michael Goldberg has resided in Japan for more than 30 years and is our ace bi-lingual Japanese/English videographer (he also speaks French). A former video officer at Canada Council for the Arts and broadcast cameraman and editor at TF1 French Television he has had extensive production experience in live and location events and is a great trouble shooter. For more than a decade he taught video production part time at one of Japan’s most prestigeous technical schools.

Michael has been a member of LVA since the late 1990s and has been involved in complex triple tracked depositions in Asia as well as discovery in Japan. His AGCV certification is currently pending. 

Dean Harrington (American Guild of Court Videographers: CDVS, CVDS, CCVS (Certified Court Video Specialist), was educated at the University of California Berkeley where he majored in Pre-Trial Law. He began his involvement with film and video in Hong Kong (our Mandarin speaker) where he resided before basing himself in Japan.

Dean has been a legal videographer since 2000, and has participated in all aspects of discovery in Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan, and Japan. He is our expert in video for factory/site inspections utilizing stabilizing technology. Dean was certified by the American Guild of Court Videographers in 2004, and is also working to achieve Certified Senior Court Videographer (CSCV) status.

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